The organizational path to transformational change is through campaigns and policies that are designed for ALL of the people, by the people.

The Inclusive Impact Lab harnesses the power of diverse, ground-level influencers and national thought leaders to design and test policies and strategies to transform systems and change hearts and minds. A collaborative design lab, using a consortium of ground-focused leaders, C-suite executives, opinion-leaders, colleges and workforce organizations nationwide to inform policy and strategy within and across sectors.

A laboratory that works like any other, a safe space to experiment in real time, based on social science and with the necessary elements to create an antidote to exclusionary and harmful policy and practice proliferation and replace them with structures and policies for and by everyone.

Community Health Transformation

We work with communities across the country, focused on those disproportionately impacted by a lack of wellbeing, to improve health outcomes and close gaps in health disparities using a human-centered collective impact model. We help communities bring diverse actors together to create a roadmap, a Blueprint for Action, that provides the basis for accountable community collaboration to enhance, establish where needed, and evaluate progress on eliminating health disparities and increasing everyone's ability to thrive.

View Sample Work:Blue Zones' The Foundation for Orlando's Future

View Sample Work:Blue Zones' Activate Austin Metro, Texas
sample work

Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG

We help companies develop their roadmaps to chart a path for social, environmental and sustainable impact. We are adept at calibrating the balance between leadership, employees, consumers and shareholders interests amid challenges arising from the labor market, constrained environmental resources and the social impact of operations. 

Working to create the Culture of Health for Business, in partnership with the Global Reporting Index and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we helped establish a set of metrics for companies to begin benchmarking their practices related to health and well-being for ESG frameworks.  This effort brings together investors, sustainability organizations, academics and corporations to define the “S” within ESG frameworks as an organized way to encourage companies to better prioritize, track and improve on their policies practices related to the health and well-being of their employees, consumers and communities.  These measures are all the more critical with the pandemic which has underscored the vital role and influence corporate America has on the health of individuals.

Film and Production Societal Impact

We help entertainment properties who focus on telling stories meant to capture hearts and minds to then inspire social change.We honor a filmmaker's creative vision and build campaigns to make their film engagement goals a reality. We collaborate with filmmaking, production, distribution and media teams on content development, release strategies, social impact messaging, activity and calls to action. We harness an extensive network to identify, liaise and mobilize impact specific partnerships including influencers, thought-leaders, Fortune 500 and nonprofits to help achieve film reach and impact goals. We plan impact partner event slates including screenings, current event tie-ins, create discussion guides and materials. We also collaborate on the creation of tailored discussion guides and impact communications and materials, assist in the design and coordination of panels and talk-back discussions.

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