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Elemental Advisors provides strategic guidance to executives and their institutions who are called to improve wellbeing in their part of the world.

Sought for exceptional strategy and management skills, Elemental specializes in capturing their clients’ vision and building and managing the architecture to make those ideas into successful realities. We transform organizations and counsel leaders at the highest levels of the non-profit, corporate and political sectors.

Using inference, data and emotional intelligence we ensure organizations discern trends from fads to create positive social impact. We grow movements, transform environments, cement partnerships, coordinate funding investments, build high-impact organizations and create action-centric convenings. In an era when social and cultural norms are evolving rapidly, we help leaders make sound decisions that embrace and incorporate diverse perspectives.

We work globally and are located in California, New York and Texas

Equity Statement

As a firm working at the intersection of transformational change for health and social justice, Elemental Advisors stands for equity. Black, Brown, Indigenous and Asian Pacific Islander lives are precious, have significance and are part of the fabric of our society and we must continually act to ensure their inviolability and promote their prosperity. People everywhere are suffering and worried for their children and families. We must work to make America, and the world, a society that offers equal opportunity and looks out for the most vulnerable amongst us with love and compassion. Our commitment to equity is reflected in every facet of our work. We will:

  • Listen and follow the guidance of BIPOC voices on how best to support their vision for dismantling structural racism and oppression.
  • Use an intersectional framework as the lens for all of this work.
  • Call out injustice whenever and wherever it occurs.
  • Work with organizations who are committed to addressing racism within their spheres of influence.
  • Make space for physical and neurological diversity.
  • Make economic and business decisions that value BIPOC individuals, entrepreneurs and services.

As with every element of our work and throughout this proposal, we are also a work in progress. We will learn, we will falter, and we will continually challenge ourselves and all those we serve to do better when it comes to ending racism and inequity. We cannot design meaningful experiences for diverse communities nor can we create effective municipal governments if this is not our starting place.

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